About Me

My career has involved the management of change within an increasingly technological driven media workplace. I can offer 20+ years experience in this sector with particular knowledge of supported development and management of student learning, stablished through my association with photographic and video work on a freelance basis and my time spend teaching at local colleges and universities.

Business development has been a particular interest and success, with experience of all types of video production provision. 

google photographerIn 2013 I was accepted onto the Google Trusted Photographers scheme, creating 360 degree virtual tours for local businesses.

In 2014 I set up NOW East Durham - a social enterprise community magazine to ensure job seekers - in particular from the 18-24 year age range - can engage with a creative “real world” experience to increase their job prospects. We offered local perspectives on issues promoting positive values via an online magazine, social media, and a print magazine, coupled with an internet radio station. Our primary aim was to involve the 18-24 year old job seeking demographic, enabling their personal development, improving their employment/interpersonal skills and employment prospects. We hoped to achieve this in particular by increasing confidence and self-esteem with removing barriers that would be traditionally be in place associated with the m1edia industry.

In 2018 I set up Northern Media Training - an exciting new company that has ambitions to grow media training provision, offering workshops, qualifications and apprenticeships within the new media landscapes such as on-line video content, social media for businesses and for those looking to break into the creative industries at an early age.

We would in stage one offer leisure-based workshops to the local community, thus building a reputation, while in stage two we would be looking to offer vocational qualifications  and apprenticeships.


About Me

arrowAlan was fantastic to work with from start to finish. Superfast, and communication was excellent. He was very interactive and made the most of our time together. Definitely getting a shoot booked with him.


arrowA positive person to work .with. Creative use of photography and image manipulation, as well as great realist shots. Embraces positive use of social media. Encouraged own use of social media. Encouraged own creative input and further development. A great experience.


arrowI worked with Alan for the first time last week. Alan was lovely, easy to talk to, and great at explaining what it was he was trying to shoot. Can’t wait to work with Alan again on more creative stuff.

Bishop Auckland

arrowI had the pleasure of working with Alan and I loved the images that were created. Highly recommended.


arrowHighly creative and imaginative, he can turn reality into an art form, or highlight social issues with inspired vision and originality.